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Going to the brig in three... two...

[Time: Tuesday, mid day]

*trots cheerfully up to the control deck with a particular datapad in hand, hoping to catch Prowl when he stepped out of his office to refuel. That was, of course, provided the mech refueled at all - Springer was half-convinced Prowl must have found a way to harvest energy from the frustration of everyone around him. He certainly quoted enough regulations for it.*

Addendum to Personal Log

[Time: Tuesday, morning]

Addendum to earlier log: I'd heard rumors that the Big Boss-Bot was heading this way too, but he must have left base right on my thrusters to get here this fast.

He seems to be under the impression that I'm picking on Prowl for the fun of it; that's not entirely true. Half of it is for the fun, the other half is for the fun everyone else has. Not my fault Prowl doesn't have a sense of humor. This whole base can use some humor, and I'm going to stop by and talk to Smokescreen. I think he needs a laugh even more than most in the base.

*following up on the idea that Ultra Magnus and inadvertently gave him, Springer heads for Smokescreen's office with a bounce in his step and a datapad in his hand.*

*taps the doorchime* Hey, Smokes! You in?
[Tuesday, morning]

I've certainly had more exciting first days, but I think yesterday tops the bunch in the "shocking revelation" category. And it's not just Smokescreen's "problem" that worries, me, it's the reaction he implied from the Autobots who know about it. There's a serious problem in cohesion and morale around here, and that concerns me a great deal. Maybe the issue isn't as big as it seemed last night, but the only way to know that for sure is to get out and talk to people. If the Decepticons keep up the personal attacks, care for and trust in our comrades will be our best and possibly only defense.

I think I will see if I can't run into Jazz or Wheeljack today; they generally have a good sense of what's up.

[/end log]

*stretches and heads out for the rec room to pick up a cube and see who's around*

Dec. 9th, 2010

[Time: Monday, evening]

*meandering through the halls, heading vaguely for his new quarters, when he spots an open office door and sticks his head in*

*barks in his best imitation of Kup* Smokescreen! Just what do you think you’re doing?!


[Time: Monday, late afternoon]

*comm* Springer to Autobot HQ - I'm inbound, ETA in ten. And I've got something the officer on duty needs to see.